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NV Anna's Rosé

NV Anna's Rosé


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SKU: CC-B-0006-23
  • Dry Rosé
    50% Chambourcin | 27% Merlot | 23% Cabernet Franc
  • 11.3% ABV
  • Aged 50% in Neutral French Oak, 50% in Steel
  • American Appellation (Maryland and Virginia)
  • 750 ML
  • Descriptors: orange blossom, ripe raspberry, vanilla, dried fig, dried apricot 

Tasting Notes

This release of Anna's Rose is a blend of two harvests (2021 and 2022) making it a non-vintage wine. 

This blending decision was made in early 2023 after the 2022 Rose had finished fermentation and undergone some winter evolution.  Our annual blending trials matched the highly acidic, oak-aged and direct-pressed Chambourcin from 2021 to the super fruity 2022 Rose so we decided on making this release a blend of the two and thus a non-vintage wine.  

The NV (Non-Vintage) Anna’s Rose is visually clear and bright, with a pale salmon color. 

With its low alcohol, this rose is light bodied and fun with exceptional drinkability. It's creamy acidity pervades the wine with aromatics of orange blossom, raspberry, and bubble gum.  

On the palate, the presence of oak is noticeable, but not overwhelming. Very soft and creamy mouthfeel with just enough acid to give it some backbone.  A final note of dried apricot has us reaching for another sip!

Descriptors: orange blossom, ripe raspberry, vanilla, bubble gum, dried apricot

The NV Anna’s Rose is meant to be drunk young. It should be drunk within 2-3 years of release.

Wine Specs
Non Vintage
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