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Effie's Oatcakes

Effie's Oatcakes


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Effie’s Homemade was founded by Joan MacIsaac and Irene Costello, friends for more than 30 years, who believe that great flavors come from quality ingredients, simply prepared. The inspiration for the company comes from Joan’s mom, Effie MacLellan, whose recipe for oatcakes came from her upbringing on a rural farm in Nova Scotia. Effie’s seeks to rekindle old-fashioned and forgotten recipes on the premise that these traditional farmhouse recipes are unique in today’s world for their honest and simple flavors.

Original Oatcakes (7.2oz): Effie's Oatcakes are a fourth generation family recipe with origins in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Crisp, lightly sweetened, with a nutty flavor, oatcakes are a perfect snack any time of day.