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2022 Springhouse

2022 Springhouse


White Wine
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SKU: CC-B-0017-22

47% Chardonel 46% Valvin Muscat 7% Petit Manseng | 12.1% ABV | Maryland Appellation


The 2022 Springhouse is visually clear and a bright pale yellow.

Springhouse 2022 is a blend of the hybrid grape Chardonel, Valvin Muscat, and Petit Manseng.  Different from previous vintages, this wine goes through full malolactic fermentation, a conversion of malic acid to lactic acid.  The result is a wine with a slightly heightened texture and roundness compared to previous years, but without sacrificing freshness and drinkability. 

On the nose, classic Muscat aromatics of white flowers and citrus blossoms lead the way alongside a freshly sliced apple quality.  Florality continues to dominate on the palate matched up with a zingy acidity.  The finish is reminiscent of watermelon jolly ranchers and a squeeze of lemon and lime.

Designed to be light-bodied, but with an impression of sweetness and highly drinkable.

The 2022 Springhouse should be consumed young, ideally within the first 2-3 years of its life, but this vintage could certainly be interesting to cellar for 4-5 years as the acidity rounds, the perfumed aromatics further integrate, and the slightest almond note likely becomes more prominent.

Descriptors: white flower, citrus blossom, apple, watermelon jolly rancher, lemon, lime

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