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Rocklands Farm Winery

2021 Hillside

2021 Hillside


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  • 86% Petit Verdot, 7% Malbec, 7% Cabernet Franc 
  • 12.1% ABV
  • 9 months neutral French oak
  • Virginia appellation
  • 750 ML
  • Descriptors: black cherry, plum, blueberry, violet, sage, herbs, spice

Visually the 2021 Hillside is a vibrant, dark purple/red. The wine is clear, even though it was unfiltered. There is also little to no sediment in the bottle, due to it having time to settle out while in barrel. It is possible that sediment might develop as the wine ages and more color falls out.

On the nose there is a spicy quality from the Petit Verdot, offering hints of sage. The fruit is immediately noticeable, in the form of rich plum and black cherry. There is also a noticeable smell of violet, another indication of the Petit Verdot. 

Similar to the Sandstone, this wine was not sulfured until the day of bottling. Thus when taking the first sip one might notice a certain energy unique to this style of winemaking. In the palate the violet really stands out, and the fruit transforms from something more rich/stewed on the nose to something more like fresh fruit on the palate. Structurally this wine is medium bodied with medium tannin. As one continues to taste the Hillside the fruit qualities come more into form and new red and black fruits are discovered with each sip.

The 2021 Hillside can be drunk now and up to 7+ years. There is no reason that this wine cannot be aged in bottle for a considerable amount of years, as the primary fruit flavors evolve into tertiary flavors such as leather and tobacco. 

Descriptors: black cherry, plum, licorice, blueberry, violet, sage, dried herbs

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