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Rocklands Farm Winery

2020 Farmhouse

2020 Farmhouse

Montgomery County

Red Wine
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11.0% ABV | 4 Months Steel | Virginia Appellation

Production Notes

The Chambourcin all came from one vineyard and was harvested on September 26. After harvesting, the fruit was placed in a refrigerated truck and transported to Rocklands. We then placed it in our walk in fridge to cool overnight at 40 F. 

The next day the fruit was taken out of the fridge and then placed directly into the tank. The grapes were neither destemmed nor crushed, this was done so that the grapes remained whole and uncrushed. The tank was heavily gassed with CO2 to limit any oxygen exposure, and after all the grapes were placed in the tank the lid was sealed shut.

For the next two weeks the grapes were left alone to undergo carbonic maceration. The tank was gassed with CO2 daily but not other procedures were done.

Carbonic maceration: carbonic maceration is an intracellular fermentation that takes place within the individual grape berry. This is not a yeast driven fermentation, but rather is due to enzymes that are internal to the grape. In order for this to be achieved, grapes must be placed in a  CO2 environment, must not be broken, and not be disturbed for two weeks. Carbonic maceration creates wines that are very fruit forward, often described as candied, and are low in tannin. After the enzymatic fermentation gets to 3% alcohol the grapes burst and the fermentation is then taken over and finished by yeast.

After two weeks the tank was drained, and the grapes were pressed. The wines finished fermenting in stainless steel and were left in that tank until bottling.

Before bottling the tanks were filtered with a rough pad, only to visually make the wine clear and without any lees. The wine was bottled on February 5th.

There were no additions made to this wine. This is very unusual and something we only do with select wines. The only ingredient is grapes.

Tasting notes

Visually the 2020 Farmhouse is clear, with the signature vibrant purple color for Chambourcin. The wine is fresh and has an elevated lift from the high amount of dissolved CO2 in it. This is due to the early bottling and stainless steel fermentation style, both uncommon things for a red wine. The 2020 Farmhouse is meant to walk the line between being a red wine and rose, with some qualities of both. 

Upon smelling the wine there are immediately hints of green grass stalk and fresh  meadow. These most likely due to the stem inclusion during fermentation. After that the nose really opens up and red fruit becomes apparent.

The palate matches the nose, with the fruit playing an even more dominant role. Even with the fruit there is also a bit of savourness to the wine, with even some hints of espresso. The wine sits fairly easily in the mouth, with a moderate amount of acidity. This, combined with a low amount of tannin, makes the Farmhouse extremely approachable and drinkable right from the start. 

Descriptors: tangy raspberry, dark cherry, strawberry, fresh fruit, round fruit, candied fruit, meadow, green grass stalk

The 2020 Farmhouse is meant to be drunk young. The fruit will be brightest in its youth. However, the wine has potential to be aged for a couple of years with the more herbal components becoming more apparent. Drink within 4 years.

The 2020 Farmhouse can be slightly chilled before serving, but need not be.


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Montgomery County
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